Learn Mandarin or Dutch at CSA-EUR!



Why choose CSA-EUR?

  • Location

    Our classes are based on the Erasmus University campus or online, based on the majority preference of the class of students.

  • Teacher staff

    We hire native and experienced Dutch/Chinese tutors to provide you the most tailored, interactive lessons.

  • Earn a reward

    Share the joy and get rewarded €10 with our Referral Program with 3 easy steps!

  • Quality on budget

    Our courses are provided at a competitive price. For each language, we offer classes on various levels with detailed curriculum to cater your learning demand. Free intake tests are provided.

  • More benefits

    Each premium package includes general membership, which has huge discounts in Rotterdam stores and food courts (details here).

Course information

How to register?
  1. Sign up for the language course by purchasing a premium membership (gold, silver or bronze for three, two or one trimester of 11 weeks).
  2. Pay on the website by iDEAL or at the office (PT-068) with Pin.
  3. Receive an automatic email containing a sign-up link for the language course (please check spam if you do not receive it, otherwise contact education@csa-eur.nl).
  4. Fill in the subscription form for the language course and select your available time slots (the more slots you choose, the easier it is for us to assign you to a course).
  5. After application deadline, we schedule classes based on the availabilities of most students:
    • The class time suits my availability
      1. Receive an email for your class information including time and location the weekend before class starts.
      2. Get books in the first class and start learning!
      3. Final exam in the 11th week:
        • If pass: get a certificate issued by CSA-EUR and eligible for next level.
        • If fail: take an intake test for next level or retake the same course next trimester.
    • The class time does not suit my availability
      • We can postpone your membership for one trimester further or you can request a refund for the trimester in which you are not available. (If you are physically not in Rotterdam anymore for the postponement, a request for refund is possible, but only in the first week after the class schedule gets published.)
What happens next? If you have purchased a gold/silver membership: you will receive the sign-up link for next trimester two/three weeks from us before class starts. If you have purchased a bronze membership: purchase a silver (before January) or bronze (all year round) membership and continue to study the language!

Join the language courses

To join the language courses, become a premium member of CSA-EUR! Check out the memberships:

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Mandarin Language Course

Learn Mandarin at CSA-EUR!
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Dutch Language Course

Learn Dutch at CSA-EUR!
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