Join our CSA-EUR Family!

CSA-EUR is looking for enthusiastic students who want to become an active member and, thus, join our CSA-EUR Family! As a CSA-EUR Family member, you will be part of one of our diverse committees. Each committee has their own role within CSA-EUR and will offer a different type of experience which will help you develop yourself in various aspects. More information on the committees can be found below. Average workload for joining our committees will be around 8 hours per week and the average workload for the head position will be around 10 hours per week.

Applications closed at 23:59 on the 31th of August, 2023.

The Committees


It is the Lustrum Committee’s duty to organize events celebrating CSA-EUR, connecting both alumni as well as current and new members. As a Lustrum Committee member you are responsible of organizing events celebrating every aspect of CSA-EUR both cultural, social, educational and much more. You will be able to help design the Lustrum merchandise and Lustrum book. As a Lustrum Committee member, you will meet more and spend time with amazing people to create unforgettable memories. Experiencing every part CSA-EUR has to offer!

Study Trip

You will be planning and organising our annual study trip with fellow enthusiastic committee members, who also have a strong interest in exploring and showcasing the beauty of China! Are you ready to come in contact with China’s dynamic business environment with the biggest companies (Huawei, Deloitte, Pwc, Alibaba etc.) and universities (Tsinghua, BeiDa, Fudan) in the world, and explore the absolutely beautiful yet intriguing deep roots of thousands of years of history and culture? Hosting our annual flagship event together with a driven team will definitely contribute to your planning, social and professional skills! Our aim is to create an unforgettable experience and make lifelong friends, by organising the study trip to China for other students to showcase and discover the absolute stunning sceneries, rich culture and dynamic businesses.

Cultural Events

It is the Cultural Events Committee’s duty to organize cultural events involving both the Chinese and Dutch culture. You will be responsible for organizing events on different scales that let our members explore and learn what cultures have to offer: food, art, history, music, etc. Among our successful events are: Moon Festival, food crawls and city trips. As a Cultural Events Committee member, you will bring people together with different backgrounds while creating unforgettable cultural memories.


It is the Alumni Events Committee’s duty to strenghten CSA-EUR’s Alumni Network consisting of former active members. You will be responsible for organizing activities and events which will enable Alumni to reconnect with each other and, support personal and professional growth. Events can vary from informal activities, such as drinks and dinners, to formal events that are able to help Alumni in their future careers. The Alumni Events Committee’s goal is to maintain CSA-EUR’s strong network and bring former actives together for both leisure and (career) network opportunities.


The Education Committee manages Dutch and Mandarin language courses and language events. The aim of this committee is to facilitate the best possible opportunities for our students to learn, share and improve skills in either language. Language is a unique aspect of culture. Learning one can thus let us gain new perspectives and broaden our horizons. It is through these means that the CSA-EUR Education Committee works to build bridges between different cultures. We strive to further improve the language courses and its reputation, hopefully with your help!


The Delft Committee is responsible for organizing events in the beautiful city of Delft. These events can range from social events, such as ‘borrels’, to career events, like career workshops. All in all, there is a lot of freedom in what you want to organise! As a member of the Delft Committee, you will broaden our reach to a new city and bring people together regardless of their background by introducing them to our association in a social setting. 

Career Events

The Career Events Committee organizes one of the flagship events of CSA-EUR Career days: China in Focus. This flagship event revolves around connecting ambitious students and young professionals to companies with an affinity for China. In addition, the committee organizes all formal events of the association, such as company dinners, in-house days and career-related workshops. Besides this, the Career Events Committee is a place for you to develop your personal skills and increase your network. But most importantly, it is a place for you to gain life-time memories.

Social Events

It is the Social Events Committee’s duty to organize events to bring like-minded people together in a fun way. You will be responsible for organizing social events on different scales, such as the annual Christmas Gala, social drinks, Moon Festival Party, annual Sports Day and many more creative events. As a Social Events Committee member, you will meet more and spend time with amazing people to create unforgettable memories. The goal of the Social Events Committee is to introduce general members to each other and to let people get familiar with CSA-EUR by introducing them to our association in an informal setting.

Internal Events

It is the Internal Events Committee’s duty to contribute to creating, maintaining and improving CSA-EUR’s typical family-like internal culture. To administer the Actives Members’ personal involvement and social development is of utmost importance. In order to do so, you will be in charge of organizing team building events throughout the year, such as an Actives Weekend, Secret Santa, and Potluck Dinner. You will be responsible for the bonding of our Active Members through these team building events. Having happy Active Members and a healthy internal culture will radiate through to all our other events for the public and will lead to growth and better brand image representation of CSA-EUR.


It is the Marketing Committee’s duty to position and present the CSA-EUR brand as one of the largest multicultural student organizations of the Netherlands. The Marketing Committee is responsible for the general promotion of CSA-EUR and work together with other committees to promote events. Furthermore, we are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the digital promotion channels of CSA-EUR. This includes keeping the social media up-to-date and designing flyers, posters and banners for our target group. It is also the Marketing Committee’s job to make photos for partnershoots and for events.


The IT Committee is responsible for managing the digital environment of CSA-EUR and improving the IT infrastructure to support the digital activities of the association. The IT Committee manages the website, the event registration systems and the membership database. The IT members play an essential role in making sure the technical platforms of CSA-EUR run smoothly.