As members of the Formal Committee of 2012-2013, we would like to thank the students of China in Focus for their active participation during the panel events, in-depth lectures, workshops and company visits. We would especially like to thank the participating speakers and companies of China in Focus for their time and effort, without them China in Focus would not have had the success that it had.

The Formal Committee 2012-2013

formal committee 20132014











From left to right: Sara Khorshidi, Billy Shen, Xavier van der Par (Head-Organizer), Jackie Yen, Ee-Wai Tan, Luna Liu, Hao Yang

The participating students

cif2013 participating students














CSA-EUR’s events are not only for students of Chinese origin. We have members participating in our activities coming from all over the world.



The company visits

Shell inhouse day















A group picture of the Shell In-house Day.

The In-house Day was well organized and participating students were well received by the companies. The students received a company tour, lectures, a lunch and of course the time to network with each other and ABN AMRO & Shell employees. 



The participating speakers

cif2013 participating speakers