26 – 30 APRIL 2021

About CIW

China Immersion Week (CIW) is a new concept for a flagship event introduced this year by CSA-EUR. Together with a like-minded group of ±25 others, you will follow a five evening event-week (online), in which you get the chance to immerse yourself in the Chinese culture and business through educational-, social-, cultural-, and career-oriented events and challenges. The week will be centered around a fresh and special theme each year, where all organized activities/challenges relate to.

What’s additionally unique is that this week is organized by all the committees with everyone facilitating their own specialized event. This makes it CSA-EUR’s first ever umbrella event showcasing the different pillars and committees of our association! 

Did you miss out on the chance to get to know and connect with new people this year?

Next to having the opportunity to immerse yourself in China, the week also provides the perfect chance to meet and bond with new people, make new friends and to establish a connection with those who are passionate about China as well. 

This Year's Theme

China Immersion Week theme 2021: (En)compass China

The theme of this year’s edition aims at showcasing China in an encompassing way, exploring China through the compass by attending events that relate to a certain cardinal direction within the country (North/East/South/West).

China is a gigantic country with many different cultural and regional differences. One could even say that the provinces are like small countries on their own. 

The theme aims at putting an emphasis on the vastness and diversity of China as a country. Hereby, you will “wander” through China by attending various kinds of events and challenges characterized by a certain region and experience the country from a helicopter perspective.

Event Information

  • Learn about China from a holistic approach
    • Acquire knowledge of China’s regional differences
    • Get acquainted with the fundamentals of Chinese business culture and equities
    • Learn how to cook authentic and local Chinese dishes yourself 
    • Practice Chinese art and craft work 
    • Gain an understanding of China’s rich culture and history 
  • Get introduced to different types of CSA-EUR’s events 
  • Leave the event with a content feeling and new valuable experience
  • The entire week consists of events during the evening (perfect for people with a busy schedule during the day)
  • Activities are spread out evenly throughout the week, allowing you to spend the right amount of time on the events each day
  • Barely any preparations prior to the event week are needed
  • Meet new people from all over the world and experience the entire week with the same close group
  • Make new friends in the middle of the academic year as many new students struggled to do so right from the beginning
  • Fulfill the urge of socializing and bonding with others in a small group
  • Connect with like-minded people who share a similar interest in Chinese culture and business

Throughout the week there will be a point system running where you can score points by completing all kinds of fun challenges. A leaderboard will update everyone’s points automatically, and the top 3 people with the most points at the end of the week will get prizes worth up to €300!

Receive a CIW box containing:

    • All materials needed for events (*except for fresh consumables) 
    • Practical + fun Chinese goodies 
    • Chinese snacks 
The applications have closed. Apply now to our waiting list to still have a chance to join the week in case someone drops out! You will be refunded if you are not offered a spot.

Non member: €7,95

CSA-EUR general member: €6,95

  • After confirming acceptance, you can only sign-out until 15th of April 23:59.  Penalties such as a blacklist to future CSA-EUR events will be incurred afterwards.
  • Once accepted you will have to attend all mandatory events. You may miss optional events. 
  • During the week you are allowed to miss no more than one event due to unforeseen circumstances. A 24 hour prior notice is required. 
  • For a complete overview and elaboration on the above rules and more, please consult the “sign-out/refund policy and penalties” document in the registration form. The above rules only serve as highlights and do not encompass the entire policy. 




Mandatory Event

18:30 – 19:15

Host: Study Trip Committee

Cardinal:  –

Introduction to the week

Shanghai Bund(ing) Night

Mandatory Event

19:30 – 21:30

Host: Social Events Committee

Cardinal:  East

This special night will be packed with amazing ice breaking games where teamwork is key while simultaneously exploring Shanghai’s well known dishes and places!

Cookalong: Beijing Meat Filled Pancake

Mandatory Event

17:30 – 19:30

Host: Study Trip Committee

Cardinal: North

Taste the culinary delights of Northern China with delicious Beijing meat pies on the menu!

Cookalong Dessert: Syrup Candied Fruits

Optional Event

19:45 – 20:30

Host: Study Trip Committee

Cardinal: North

Make yourself a delicious and easy-to-make Northern dessert (bingtanghulu)! 

Job Hunting Workshop: Hoitalent x Backbase

Mandatory Event

15:30 – 17:00

Host: Career Events Committee

Cardinal: South

Learn interview tricks and sharpen your job hunting skills to capture your dream job!

China Masterclass by KLM

Mandatory Event

18:00 – 20:00

Host: Study Trip Committee

Cardinal: South

Become an expert on how to do business in China by following a module on: cultural awareness, business dining manners and Chinese meeting protocols!

Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy

Mandatory Event

19:00 – 21:00

Host: Education Committee

Cardinal: East

Get to know Hangzhou through symbolic characters and learn calligraphy by means of writing Chinese on a fan!

A Night at the Chengdu Market

Mandatory Event

17:30 – 19:30

Host: Cultural Events Committee

Cardinal: West

Get to know the West of China by making cute panda baos, learning Chinese paper cutting and origami folding!


Mandatory Event

20:00 – 20:45

Host: Study Trip Committee

Cardinal:  –

The official closing of the CIW. Did you win one of our top 3 prizes?


Optional Event

20:45 +

Host: Internal Events Committee

Cardinal:  –

End your valuable experience by joining our wonderful afterparty!

CIW Team: Study Trip Committee

Jia Hao Zhou


Fun fact: I was in the Social Events Committee last year and I would join again.

Stanley Cheng


Fun fact: I'm the oldest of the Committee. 🤡

Cindy Yang


Fun fact: Likes collecting enamel pins.

Anli Guo


Fun fact: Lactose intolerant, but my love for boba never ends 😀

Kai Chen

Marketing manager

Fun fact: I love turbulence during a flight! 😳

Qiyue He

Logistics manager

Fun fact: I like to challenge my spice tolerance!

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