Mission and Vision

The mission of CSA-EUR is to create a platform in which people, regardless of their background, with a passion for and interest in China, can be brought together.

Recognizing the extraordinary opportunities China presents, and challenges hindering Chinese enterprises, CSA-EUR aims to bridge the gap between on the one hand the Chinese culture, and on the other hand the students and the corporate world by organizing career-, cultural-, education-, and social-oriented events linked to the four pillars of the association: Language Courses & Education, Internal Culture & Alumni, Social & Cultural Interaction, and External Relations & Career.

Our Slogan

CSA-EUR’s slogan is “Connecting Beyond the Great Wall”. Here, the Great Wall is used as a metaphor for any obstacles people might encounter in their life. It could be the cultural differences, the language, the actual physical distance, or any other difficulty students and (young) professionals may face in their social life or professional career.

CSA-EUR strives to help its members overcome these obstacles by providing solutions to their problems, by stimulating them to get out of their comfort zone, and by bringing them into contact with like-minded people through our events. In short, CSA-EUR aims to Connect its members Beyond their Great Wall.

What We Do

CSA-EUR organizes events with China as its theme. Per year, we organize more than 40 social-, educational-, cultural-, and career-related activities and events. Our flagship events are our annual Study Trip to China, and the China in Focus Career Days.


Inclusiveness is one of the core values of CSA-EUR. We stand and work for an open community for everyone, where everything can be said, while ensuring the family-like feeling we wish to create. We are transparent in the decisions we make and provide the encouragement to empower each other. We are passionate about Chinese culture and business and wish to share this with others, while embracing other cultures and striving for diversity.