€978,- raised of €500,- goal.

Dine & Donate

Dine & Donate

€978,- raised of €500,- goal.

Charity Raffle

Do you want to spread fortune this Lunar New Year? Would you like to make an impact with your donation? CSA-EUR is back with the 3rd edition of our charity event: Give Fortune, Get Fortune: Dine & Donate! This year’s edition features both a dinner and charity part. Participate in the charity raffle and you might win one of our many amazing prizes provided by the sponsors of this event. Purchase a raffle ticket for only €1!

The prizes will be announced gradually towards the 16th of January 2023 so keep an eye out on our event page and social media!

All the proceeds from the raffle ticket sales will be donated to our charity of choice ‘CARE Nederland’. CARE Nederland is an aid organisation that works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. You can find more information about them on the right side of this page.

If you feel extra lucky this year or just want to help out CARE Nederland, we have your back! We offer some raffle ticket deals:

  • Buy 5 raffle tickets, get 1 raffle ticket for free!
  • Buy 10 raffle tickets, get 3 raffle tickets for free!
  • Buy 30 raffle tickets, get 10 raffle tickets for free!

The winners of the prizes will be drawn live at Shanghai Garden on the 16th of January during the dinner. Join the dinner so you don’t miss out on the draw! You will receive an additional 3 raffle tickets if you participate in the dinner!

Raffle ticket sales close on the 15th of January at 23:59 so make sure to purchase your raffle tickets on time! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to help a good cause and simultaneously win some amazing prizes!

Click here to buy raffle tickets and try out your luck.

Click here for the charity raffle terms & conditions.

Click here to sign up for the dinner.

We, CARE Nederland, are an aid organization that strives for a world full of hope, inclusiveness and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and safety. We are committed to equal rights for all people, because everyone participates in a fair world. CARE Nederland is a branch of CARE that is active in more than 100 countries and supports people in the most difficult places in the world to build a better life. We have a practical approach: we do what is necessary, ranging from emergency aid to entrepreneurship training. Some of our focus areas include Women’s Rights, Building a Sustainable existence and Emergency Relief.

Click here to find out more about their projects.


The winning raffles are listed below the images.



1332, 1310, 1281

1257, 1302, 1052, 1191, 1166

2082, 1860, 1521, 1535, 1184, 2325
1116, 1369, 1848, 1915, 2077, 2119
1374, 1777, 1629, 1344, 1677, 1759
1833, 2182, 2028, 2275, 2017, 2290
1624, 1809, 1443, 1220, 2058, 1633

1386, 2191, 1979, 1842, 1828, 1718

2135, 1976, 2247, 2147, 1167

1630, 1150, 1421, 1834, 1932
1108, 2055, 2027, 1069, 2192

1512, 1795

1585, 1606, 1815


1496, 2340, 2194

2330, 1919, 1011


1852, 2263, 1816, 2110, 1125

12 persons: 1429
20 persons: 1406

2040, 2392, 1700

1113, 1609, 2266, 2168, 2184

More prizes will be revealed soon,

keep an eye out on our Instagram!



1862, 2105
1030, 1304
See table below

See table below


2526, 1271, 2312, 1777, 2574,
1197, 1069, 1441, 1446, 1909

1392, 1458, 2275, 1325, 1709

1950, 1924, 1658, 2587, 2545

2638, 1024, 1975, 2551, 2188,
1098, 1046, 1998, 2498, 1467,
1960, 2181, 2029, 2455, 1327

1401, 1040

1175, 1866

2444, 2032, 1424, 1484
1294, 1648, 2324, 1086, 1499


2098, 2457, 1840, 2343, 2406, 1703, 1566, 1915
1369, 2160

All participants

All participants

Prizes sponsored by Supercrepe
1234, 1828
2x Dopper Water Bottle
Uno Card Game
Snack Box
Tiger Happy Socks
Cherry Blossom Morph Mug
Air Fryer
Prizes sponsored by Supercrepe
Snack Box
2446, 1789
2x Pathé Gift Card
Yoga Mat and Jump Rope
Rice Cooker


The YAN's snow mochi & more

The YAN’s snow mochi & more is the first snow mochi home bakery based in Rotterdam, specialized in making fresh cream mochis.

The two Yan sisters started selling mochis through Instagram during the lockdown period of 2020. As demand and popularity grew, they upscaled their reach by opening at different pop-up locations and taking orders through their site.

The mochis are freshly handmade, one by one, on the day of purchase/pick-up and don’t contain any preservatives. As they are still a home bakery with jobs on the side, orders can’t be taken every day.  The mochis are sold at different pop-up locations during announced weekends. Their dream is to open up their very own mochi shop in the future to satisfy your mochi cravings at any time!

G'rilla Kitchen

G’rilla Kitchen has a mission to serve you healthy food #burstingwithflavor. G’rilla Kitchen offers a broad menu, blending everything from tender meat to fresh veggies, topped with herbs, spices, and seasonings. The food consists of locally sourced and naturally rich ingredients that are taste-tested and ‘chimply’ delicious! They serve fresh and healthy bowls filled with grilled veggies, fish and meats. Build your own or choose one of their signatures!

Amazing Oriental

The thought “what comes from far away is tasty” is now outdated. You don’t have to look further than your own city for the tastiest products! With 24 branches, Amazing Oriental is the largest Asian supermarket chain in The Netherlands. With a range of more than 10,000 authentic A-brands from Asia, Amazing Oriental has the widest range for a One-Stop-Shop. Are you done shopping and you’re hungry? Then also visit the food corner, we have amazing sandwiches, hot meals from different cuisines and refreshing bubble tea.

Studio Kawaii

Studio Kawaii is a professional hair studio that specializes in haircolouring and delivers excellent service. With their relaxing studio and experienced team, their mission is to make your life a little more colourful with gorgeous hair!

Deli Tasty

Deli Tasty is a Vietnamese restaurant based in Rotterdam, serving homemade traditional Vietnamese food. Did you know that the name Deli Tasty comes from the two daughters of the owner and the chef, Demi and Lian? While they serve on the tennis courts, Deli Tasty serves delicious food and drinks.


YaoSkin provides its customers with clean Korean skin care. Our products do not contain any perfumes, alcohol and any other (harmful) additives. Our goal is to make our customers feel good in their own skin.

SanSan - Sichuanese Cuisine

Discover and enjoy delicious authentic Sichuanese food at Sansan! This regional Chinese cuisine is well-known for its spicy dishes. However, Sansan shows that there is much more to one of the most versatile kitchens of China, by taking you on a mesmerizing culinary journey.

Divine Maia Chocolates

At Divine Maia Chocolates we make Japanese-inspired French pastries such as Nama chocolate and crispy cream puffs. We like to experiment with flavors, textures and create East meets West desserts. All of our items are handmade in small batches to ensure our quality and we don’t use any preservatives. We take pride in using only the finest and fresh ingredients.

The Poké Box

Poké is the Hawaiian verb for “to slice or cut” – refers to any raw fish that has been cut into cubes. Think of it as deconstructed sushi in a bowl. Not a fan of raw fish? The Poké Box also offers shrimp, chicken or tofu. The result is a Poké Box filled with endless combinations of healthy proteins, refreshing salads, homemade sauces, and crunchy toppings. Working with Schmidt Zeevis, The Poké Box is proud to use the freshest seafood and locally sourced ingredients.

Moong Tea

Moong Tea is a bubble tea store that started in Groningen but is now also located in The Hague! We provide only the freshest of ingredients in our drinks to offer the highest quality drinks possible. Next to bubble tea, we also offer ‘jianbing’. Jianbing is a staple in the Chinese street food cuisine and is similar to a crepe but filled with various vegetables, meat and a sauce of your choice. We also offer a vegetarian option, which is our classic jianbing. Moong Tea delivers street food, snacking at a high level. A quick, cheap, but healthy snack for in between. We hope to see you soon in our store!

Foo Concepts

Foo Concepts is an Asian fusion lifestyle café. Foo brings the whole Asian vibe into NL. Introducing their bubblewaffles (authentic recipe from Hong Kong), bubbletea, sushi sandwiches and Foo’s unique hightea plates. And don’t forget, they also have private entertainment rooms for gaming, karaoke, birthdayparties and more! If you are looking for a nice place to hang out with friends, to fill your stomach, to less your thirst, or for some nice entertainment; they just moved to their new location near Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam. CU soon!

InfiniTea Webshop

www.Infinitea.shop is an online tea and bubble tea webshop where you can order products to make/ prepare your own bubble tea at home for a nice price. Please visit the webshop and take a look. We offer all kinds of different fruit bubble tea, milk bubble tea, latte’s, tapioca, jelly, tea, etc. Or visit our shop in the markthal for one of the signature bubble teas on the menu!

Studio Kawaii

Studio Kawaii is a professional hair studio that specializes in haircolouring and delivers excellent service. With their relaxing studio and experienced team, their mission is to make your life a little more colourful with gorgeous hair!


Super Crepe is a small and cozy restaurant in the city centre of Rotterdam. They’re known for serving delicious variations of Jianbing, a Chinese pancake similar to crepes – one of China’s most popular street food breakfast items. Besides this, you can also find dumplings, rice dishes and noodles such as Liangpi (cold skin noodles). While you’re there, don’t forget to try their bubble tea!

Madam Chen

This new trendy hotspot in the middle of Rotterdam centre is the place to be. Next to their delightful food and heavenly-tasting drinks, there’s also a possibility to do karaoke!

Huxe Repair

Huxe Repair is an electronics repair company. Our goal is to provide cheap and transparent third party repairs on all brands. We want to make repairs on devices such as iPhones or MacBooks as cheap as possible. Big companies charge a lot for simple repairs just because they have the upper hand. Huxe Repair wants to change that. We take part in the movement “right to repair”!


We at Mizumi are all about quality. Our restaurant wants to achieve the best quality food in the business, but also at an affordable price. We offer all you can eat, delivery and takeaway.


YaoSkin provides its customers with clean Korean skin care. Our products do not contain any perfumes, alcohol and any other (harmful) additives. Our goal is to make our customers feel good in their own skin.

Lily's Bubble Tea

Enjoy your bubble tea at Lily’s Bubble Tea! The menu of Lily’s Bubble Tea consists of the widest variety of Bubble Tea in The Netherlands for example Lily’s Soybean Tofu, Panna Cotta drinks, Yoghurt Tea and much more. Visit their stores in Rotterdam and The Hague!

Umami by Han

Umami is a well known Asian fusion restaurant, with 7 restaurants across the Netherlands. Enjoy a classic 3 course meal, the unique shared dining concept, or enjoy the a la carte menu here now in Rotterdam with discount!

Ajisan Ramen

Visit Ajisan Ramen for a heartwarming bowl of ramen. Ajisan’s philosophy is to avoid chemical flavouring in their ramen (Mukacho ramen 無化調ラーメン), to preserve its pure flavour. The broth and toppings are made from 100% natural ingredients. With these healthy noodles, Ajisan Ramen strives to make each guest feel happy and healthy!


Frietboutique has the most delicious, crispy, and fresh fries for everyone, that is what Sammy and Pebbles stand for. To make the best fries, the potatoes come fresh daily and are lovingly washed, polished and cut to the right size. They are then pre-baked at low temperature to be cooked to perfection, golden brown and, above all, crispy, to a high temperature, sauce added, ENJOY!

La Mozza

At La Mozza, you will experience true Italian enjoyment through all kinds of traditional Italian dishes, paired with a fitting choice of wine, beer or limoncello!

Studio Chuuni

Studio Chuuni is a newly launched online stationery shop, created to put a smile on peoples faces through cute illustrations and stationery such as greeting cards and stickers, with more to come.

De Nieuwe Chinese Muur

By visiting De Nieuwe Chinese Muur you have chosen to indulge your inner-epicurean and your senses to new textures and flavours in an unprecedented way. You have therefore been warned. DNCM compiles their menu with care, with an East meets West orientation. You will discover well-known and lesser-known dishes with one thing in common: they are prepared by top chefs who choose their ingredients with care.

InfiniTea Teabar

InfiniTea teabar is a young dynamic tea company that is specialized in premium quality loose tea leafs, sugar milk tea, bubble tea, matcha drinks, chai latte’s, ice tea’s and many more special delicious tea drinks. Visit their Tea bar at the Rotterdam Markthal!