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Founded in 2004, the Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam (CSA-EUR) has grown into the largest multicultural student association at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The purpose of CSA-EUR is to create a community through which students can develop themselves professionally, create a social network, and enhance mutual cultural understanding. Focused on people interested in Chinese culture, the association has become an international environment embracing all cultures. CSA-EUR has a great reputation for being an open community with a family-like feeling.

Why CSA-EUR Board?

Being part of the CSA-EUR Board gives you the opportunity to operate in a dynamic environment and provides many experiences that prepare you for your career. CSA-EUR offers you a place to foster your entrepreneurial mindset and gives you a platform to make impact through your ideas. Working closely with all committees and other Board members, you will learn your personal strengths and weaknesses of being a leader and managing people and projects. Being a Board member also allows you to get in contact with many people. Whether it is successful alumni, recruiters from corporates, or inspiring speakers from other companies, you will grow a large social and professional network that lasts for a lifetime. On top of that, as a CSA-EUR Board member, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your student life. Outside the professional field, you will participate in many fun activities. You will get in touch with many people and spend time with them through both internal and external activities. With around 60 active members and more than 50 events a year, you get hands-on experience with managing in a cross-cultural context while creating interpersonal connections. Taking a leadership and management position like this is a unique experience you will not find elsewhere.

Board Application Timeline & Events

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Board Recruitment Interest Drinks
The 20th board will present what the activities of Board are. Here you will be able to gain knowledge about all the positions and you will have the possibility to ask your questions to everyone personally!

Board for a Day
Schedule a day with the Board position you are interested in! Here you get a more in-depth experience about the Board position, such as case questions and what the daily activities are.

Board Recruitment
The deadline for the Board Recruitment is on Sunday 14th of April 23:59. We request you to add a motivation letter and CV to your application! Note that the CV can be at most 1 A4!

The interviews will be held in a formal manner. More details about the interview will be sent to you by mail after you have submitted your Board Recruitment submission.

Thursday 28th of March 17:00-19:00
Deadline: Sunday 7th of April 23:59
Deadline: Sunday 14th of April 23:59
Until 3rd of May

About the Board positions

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