CSA-EUR 21st board recruitment


The Secretary is responsible for managing and organising administrative tasks and providing support to the Board members. The Secretary is also responsible for the communication between the association and the General Members.

Job Description & Responsibilities

The Secretary plays a crucial role in maintaining the infrastructure of the CSA-EUR environment as well as assisting the Board members where possible. Functioning as the backbone of the team, you are responsible for ensuring a smooth running of the organisation, thinking of ways to make the ways of working even more efficient. Next to that, you play an important role in building and maintaining strong relationships with General Members as the main contact person by responding to all incoming messages and emails.

My experience

As the Secretary you are presented an opportunity to become the glue that holds the association together, ensure that the voice of every General Member feels heard and valued. Next to that, you will be helping out the other positions and their committees in case necessary, which is educational and both fun as you get to interact with a lot of different working styles and environments. During my tenure, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this position. It's not just about taking meeting minutes or managing correspondence; it's about being a crucial link between our leadership team and our members, ensuring smooth communication and efficient operations. I learned this communication myself through being very concise and structured dealing with lots of different projects and tasks. to the success and growth of the association.

Board Application Timeline

Board Recruitment Interest Drinks
The 20th board will present what the activities of Board are. Here you will be able to gain knowledge about all the positions and you will have the possibility to ask your questions to everyone personally!

Board for a Day
Schedule a day with the Board position you are interested in! Here you get a more in-depth experience about the Board position, such as case questions and what the daily activities are.

Board Recruitment
The deadline for the Board Recruitment is on Sunday 14th of April 23:59. We request you to add a motivation letter and CV to your application! Note that the CV can be at most 1 A4!

The interviews will be held in a formal manner. More details about the interview will be sent to you by mail after you have submitted your Board Recruitment submission.

Thursday 28th of March 17:00-19:00
Deadline: Sunday 7th of April 23:59
Deadline: Sunday 14th of April 23:59
Until 3rd of May

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