Job Description & Responsibilities

As the IT officer, you are responsible for leading the IT Committee, and you will be responsible for managing and making additions to the IT infrastructure. Besides that, your duties include managing the membership system and databases. You will conduct data analysis to extract valuable insights and assess effectiveness for members and partnerships. Additionally, you will develop and implement an IT strategy aligned with CSA-EUR’s goals, while supervising and working together with the IT committee.

My experience

Being the Marketing & IT Officer of the 20th Board of CSA-EUR has been a wonderful experience. I’ve made many lifelong friends, gained professional experiences and made memories that I will cherish forever. As supervisor of the Marketing and the IT Committees, I’ve been able to develop my leadership skills as well as further grow my communication skills. It has given me the confidence in leading meetings and has taught me how to work in an organised manner. One of the things that drew me to becoming Board, was the opportunity to learn about the association’s operations behind the scenes and being able to contribute to and develop strategies together with my Board members that help CSA-EUR grow as an association. With this being my first year within CSA-EUR, I was welcomed warmly and I could really feel the family-like feeling. I would wholeheartedly encourage everyone that is interested to give it a shot and apply for Board at CSA-EUR, because I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity and experience for the world.

My role will be divided into two: Marketing Officer and IT Officer. I am beyond excited to share my experiences and guide my successors.

Board Application Timeline

Board Recruitment Interest Drinks
The 20th board will present what the activities of Board are. Here you will be able to gain knowledge about all the positions and you will have the possibility to ask your questions to everyone personally!

Board for a Day
Schedule a day with the Board position you are interested in! Here you get a more in-depth experience about the Board position, such as case questions and what the daily activities are.

Board Recruitment
The deadline for the Board Recruitment is on Sunday 14th of April 23:59. We request you to add a motivation letter and CV to your application! Note that the CV can be at most 1 A4!

The interviews will be held in a formal manner. More details about the interview will be sent to you by mail after you have submitted your Board Recruitment submission.

Thursday 25th of March 17:00 - 19:00
Deadline: 7th of April 23:59
Deadline: Sunday 14th of April 23:59
Until Until Friday 3rd of May

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