Job Description & Responsibilities

As the Commissioner of External Affairs, you are responsible for strategically managing CSA-EUR’s corporate network. Your role involves seeking ways to maintain and strengthen long-term relationships with the association’s corporate partners. Additionally, you will identify opportunities to connect with potential partners to expand the network and negotiate sponsorship deals with companies. You will oversee the Career Events Committee to ensure that Career Events, particularly the flagship event CSA-EUR Career Days, are executed effectively. Your responsibility includes devising strategies to enhance the Career Events, such as establishing a stronger brand image that resonates with the corporate world and the student audience, and shaping the future direction of our Career Events. In your role as Vice-President, you will provide support to the President, co-lead the association, and critically assess strategic decisions.

My experience

I began my journey with CSA-EUR in 2021 and instantly felt the family-like feeling. The association has been a pivotal aspect of my student life, providing a comforting place within the university where I always felt at home. Throughout these years, I've gained invaluable experiences, met wonderful people, and made friendships that I'm confident will last a lifetime. Taking on the role of Commissioner of External Affairs in the Board was both enriching and challenging. This position honed my soft skills, such as leadership, teamwork, decision-making, and time management. It also offered a profound self-discovery opportunity; my strengths were able to shine through while I was regularly confronted with new challenges. One aspect of serving on the board that I particularly cherish is engaging in discussions about CSA-EUR's strategic direction and witnessing how our collective efforts contribute to the association's growth. The most rewarding experience, in return for all the hard work, has been witnessing my committee evolve into a cohesive team, observing active members form close friendships, and seeing participants foster connections during our events.

I think if you have the time to do a board year, that you should do it. In general, being a board member has it ups and down, but in the end it is the ups that I remember first and foremost. To get to know so many people and also experience their trust in you and the collaboration they give is something quite unique. As vice-president it has been a real delight to get to know so many people not only socially, but also professionally. To discuss collaboration opportunities that are useful now, for CSA, but also later for after my board year in my own professional life.

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Thursday 25th of March 17:00 - 19:00
Deadline: 7th of April 23:59
Deadline: Sunday 14th of April 23:59
Until Until Friday 3rd of May

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